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“We now have a complete sales program in place including procedures for hiring and training, territory and lead management, sales and marketing materials and employee development.”
Dee and Dave Norris
Your Pest Control Company

The Sales Training By Design Retainer Solutions plan goes in-depth into how your business operates and what needs to change to increase sales. Retainer Solutions are highly customizable.

With the most thorough Retainer Solutions program, I travel to your site and give a top-to-bottom Elite Assessment of your organization and operations. I spend time with critical employees, delve into your standard operating procedures, and build a roadmap to streamline your sales.

With Retainer Solutions, you get hands-on analysis that identifies the “unknown unknowns” — the problems in your processes that you don’t even know exist. This program ends the frustration of losing sales for reasons you can’t identify.

Call now at 1-856-302-5150 to talk about this comprehensive sales process overhaul.

Sales staff working on training


Supercharge your sales team with the Value Plus Training Programs. This is the best way to get all your team members up to speed as quickly and economically as possible.

I customize courses based on clients’ needs and the strengths and weaknesses of their team. A Value Plus Training Program puts your team on the same path with the same goals -- complete alignment toward growing your sales.

With a value plus program, I travel to your office to train a group of staff on issues critical to boosting your sales and retaining accounts, such as:

With a value plus program, I travel to your office to train a group of staff on issues critical to boosting your sales and retaining accounts, such as:

  • Commercial Sales Training
  • Sales Training for the Selling Commercial Technician
  • Residential Sales for the Selling Technician
  • Sneaker Camp Sales Training
  • Call Center Sales Training
  • Lawn to PMP Development
  • Exceptional Customer Care
  • Customer Service Training Programs
  • Maximizing Achievement / Goal Setting
  • Sales Management Training
  • Key Note Speaking Engagements
  • Passion for your Profession
  • Account Vulnerability
  • Managing Your Sales for PEAK Performance
  • Exit Strategies
  • Selling Mold Services B2B & B2C
  • Employee Development
  • Travel Days with your Sales Associates
  • Time and Territory Management
  • And more

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Hank Hirsh

President, RK Environmental Services

“Most of our staff that has attended Patrick’s training has come away feeling more confident in how they approach a sales opportunity. Patrick is a dynamic public speaker that understands the sales process as well as anybody in the pests management industry”

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“Our close rates have increased 6-7%, which equates to tens of thousands of dollars of incremental value and we attribute this to Patrick’s help.”
Nate Woolf
Blue Sky Pest Control

The Next Level Coaching program is for serious owners ready to make change happen and maximize success starting now.

Built on a proven process that I’ve refined with customers over the last four decades, Next Level Coaching is a commitment that will take your business to the next level. I use the entire toolbox from my three other programs to completely rebuild your business from the ground up.

Whether your target is $2 million, $5 million, $10 million, or more, you need procedures in place to scale up sustainably. Whether you’re hiring your very first salesman or opening your 3rd call center, you need to strategically plan your growth. Without a complete blueprint, you risk not hitting your goals or worse.

Call today at 1-856-302-5150 to get the most comprehensive sales training package you’ll ever find.

Salespeople working together


The Sales By Design One-on-One business consulting program helps owner-operators find solutions for specific problems. You get advice, ideas, and insight from my 43-plus years in the industry.

When you need a solution fast, this is the option for you. Clients participating in my One-on-One program reach out directly to me through phone, text, and email correspondence. This program is strictly remote so that we keep your costs down.

You get a business development expert on-call to troubleshoot your problems as they arise, which makes it ideal for an owner-operator who’s pressed for time and needs help with areas outside their experience. Whether you’re new to sales management or need to update your contracts, you’ve got an authority you can call on.

Eric Hobson

General Manager, Whitworth Pest Solutions

“We see a consistent increase in sales month after month due to the guidance I receive from Patrick.”

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highly-effective program can benefit you today.


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