Case Study: Simply the Best Lawns

This season, 75% of our inbound Lawn Care leads were able to be performed from the office. As we started to convert our outside sales team to more inbound sales, we realized the skill set was completely different.

One of our biggest challenges was having the inbound sales team on the same page with consistent messaging, scripting, and the biggest challenge.... overcoming objections.

Patrick worked with our sales team in his office and worked with them one on one which allowed for individual training on a variety of topics. He also worked with our lawn care company to help cross sell to our pest control company.

Our lawn care sales team went from a 47% sales closing rate last year to a 58% closing rate this year. He also helped one of our team members make 6 figures this year, far more than he did the previous year.

Without a doubt, Patrick’s one on one sales training for our staff, was by far, one of the most key investments into our staff and our business that we have made in the past 5 years. We will continue with his training for next year and beyond!

Craig Vacula
Simply The Best Lawns

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