Case Study: J P Pest Services

"He is the Go-To-Consultant to grow your business."

We use Sales Training by Design because of Patrick's experience and proven success in the Pest Management Industry. Patrick has helped us with the Commercial Sales process and measuring results. He has helped our Contact Center with communication of our offer, overcoming objections and refining our scripting or messaging to the potential customers.

He has also helped us in the following areas as well: 

  • Management
  • Sales Representatives 
  • Ownership
  • Call Center 
  • Operations
  • Customer Service
  • Sales Managers
  • Mold Treatment and Prevention

Our Commercial Sales have become more consistent due to better goal setting, measurement and accountability. Our Contact Center Staff have been better able to serve our prospects and customers resulting in higher closing rates and increased customer satisfaction. Our overall sales have increased by %10 annually over the time we have worked with Patrick.  

Patrick has always provided important insight and valuable guidance to assist our management team in continual improvement. Patrick's depth of knowledge of our industry allows him to very quickly understand challenges and provide experience based options and solutions. 

He is the Go-To-Consultant to grow your business.

Joe Pestana
J P Pest Services
Former President


Joe P of JP Pest

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