Case Study: Bug Doctor Termite and Pest Control

"Bringing Patrick in for sales training was a major game changer!"

I hired Patrick Quigley to work with our Bug Doctor sales team to take our commercial sales division to the next level.

The challenges were to get "buy in" from our sales team to identify the correct types of commercial accounts, prospecting to include cold-calling, continued follow up, and the securing of profitable commercial accounts.

Bringing Patrick in for sales training for our Bug Doctor Termite & Pest Control sales team was a major game changer! Through Patrick, we learned so much about the sales process and sales cycle that it made a tremendous difference in our company. We became “fired up” as a team for sales and began to sell commercial accounts such as Yankee Stadium, the United Nations, Madison Square Garden, and many others.
Bug Doctor became a PCT Top 100 company in our 17th year in business. I attribute a lot of our success to the Sales Training and guidance from Patrick.

Take it from someone who has been in the Pest Management Industry for over 30 years – if you want to grow your business – Patrick is the man for the job! I can personally attest to it.

Patrick taught my staff and me how to be “BOLD” and go for it with sales! I’ll always be grateful for Patrick’s expertise and “PASSION” for sales! I would recommend Patrick Quigley (Sales Training by Design) to any company that would like to take their company to the next level, actually, I would recommend him highly!

Stuart Aust

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