Case Study: Blue Sky Pest Control

"Our close rates have increased 6-7%, which
equates to tens of thousands of dollars"

We have been working with Patrick Quigley and Sales Training by Design for years. We have gotten significant returns from his training and insights. Before Covid-19 hit, we had scheduled Patrick to come out for a week, but because of the virus we had to cancel our session. We approached Patrick about doing some One-on-One coaching with some of our inside sales representatives and customer service representatives.

Our close rates have increased 6-7%, which equates to tens of thousands of dollars of incremental value and we attribute this to Patrick’s help. Beyond what he brings to the table, Patrick is a pleasure to work with. He is a truth teller if you allow him to be. To get the most from Patrick one needs to be ready to listen to feedback.

My experience has been that getting feedback from someone who knows what they are talking about is incredibly valuable. Patrick knows what he is talking about. Just wish we would have found Patrick earlier. It would have saved us from making some expensive mistakes.

Nate Woolf
Blue Sky Pest Control
Blue Sky Pest Control LogoThe staff of Blue Sky Pest Control

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