Case Study: Bel-O Pest Solutions

"Patrick helped my Top and Bottom Lines."

After successfully working with Patrick at a previous company I knew I had to reach out to him when I started my new company Bel-O Pest Management. I knew his expertise would help me hit the ground running. And now, from zero to over 1 million we certainly have, thanks to Patrick’s guidance.

Patrick helped me develop service offerings, reviewed my commercial and residential agreements from a sales perspective, develop a system to track commercial and residential sales leads as well as track closing percentages.
Bel-O Pest Solutions

He has also helped in the following areas:

  • Residential Division
  • Operations
  • Commercial Division
  • Marketing
  • Management / Ownership
  • Selling Technicians

I believe the information I learned from our initial training sessions and continuing conversations with
Patrick are critical to the success of my company and to my growth as an owner of Bel-O Pest Management. I continue to use Patrick to help my Top and Bottom lines.

I am confident that Patrick has the experience, knowledge and a training style that would be valuable to any PMP, of any size that is looking to improve and grow!


Ron Hodgkins
Bel-O Pest Solutions

Bel-O Pest Solutions

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