The Key to Upselling or Cross-Selling Pest Management Services

I have recently been asked to make a presentation to technicians in a few companies about upselling or cross-selling services.

This subject matter is near and dear to many owners and sales managers, especially when the season starts off slow, and you have a diverse service line. The one common thread in these meetings  is that many (not all) of the technicians don’t want to be salespeople, they just want to get their work, do their work and get back to their families at the end of the day.

There are a few that do want to make the additional commissions to take better care of their families and bring more money home each month. For those folks, I commend you for your efforts.

Whether you are an owner, manager, supervisor, technician, customer service person, sales rep, or a part-time employee, and you’re dealing with either a current or potential client, you are serving them.

Serve means, to “perform duties or services for” another person or organization. We often think in terms of selling to the client, and we are not selling to them; we are serving them.

The “S” in serve stands for “Sales”

The definition of Sales is “the activity or business of selling products or service.” So, if you look at the different products and services that you offer from your company you are exchanging those products and services for money. The point here is that when you help a client with additional products of services, you are serving the client and not selling to them. Your ability to continue to serve your clients in the future is to secure them when you have the opportunity initially. Don’t make the sale, have fewer chances to serve them afterward.

The first “E” in serve stands for “Excellence”

You must define your excellence level. This level is defined in many different objectives in how your true ability to capture a potential client. They can be defined in these typical areas; to entice the inquirer, handle the client’s original needs, set appointment, make a great presentation, perform the first service, deliver exceptional customer service, follow up and the ability to perform so that your clients never look at your competitors. Rate your level 1-10 1 needing a lot of help and 10 being Excellent. The ability to get out of your business and look into it is a difficult task; however, many times, it is critical to see if your rank high with the businesses that perform at a “TEN” in all areas.

The “R” in serve stands for “Recurring” 

The only way that you get to serve your client in the future is to make sure that your services are wrapped around additional scheduled visits. Not every customer is going to get involved in all your services, and as a matter of fact; they won’t purchase all your services at once. Therefore, it is so critical that you create a drip campaign (scheduled touches about different services) with your clients to let them know about all your services over the life of your relationship.

The “V” in serve stands for “Vulnerability”

You would be hard-pressed to serve your client additionally if you are vulnerable to losing them. Vulnerability takes on many faces. The ugly face of poor customer service, turnover, lack of excellent communication, being late, not showing up, overpromising and under delivering, or having ongoing issues with your client, will surely hinder keeping them. Serving clients only comes when you have one to serve. Get your ducks in a row and provide “Impenetrable Customer Service.”

The last “E” in serve stands for “Execution” 

This word almost stands alone and doesn’t need an explanation. Execution is what drives client retention and helps build a business to be on the top of its game every day. Whether it is the front office, management, sales, delivery, quality control, follow up, or sending an invoice. It is all about execution and performing it better than your competitor. When you execute at the top of your game, you serve your client.

SERVE When you serve your client, you never have to sell a day in your life of the business. Why? Because the customer knows you have their best interest at heart, and they should be your top priority.

When was the last time you brought your entire team together and discussed “Providing Impenetrable Customer Care”?

Let’s talk; it’s never the wrong time of the year!!

Great luck,

Patrick Quigley

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