CARE about your Cancellations 

The reasons that your current clients cancel service/s can vary depending on their specific circumstances and experiences. However, don’t let the “required field” in your system be the determining factor when your hard-earned clients cancel. You have to check the pulse of this critical component in your business. Here are some areas I recommend you dig into when cancelations happen, and if you CARE about your cancellations.

Clients will cancel if they:

  • perceive that the service is not effectively addressing their pest problems, they will cancel the service. This could be due to persistent pest infestations despite treatment or recurring issues shortly after service or the “spray and pray” service mentality that some companies practice.
  • experience poor customer service, such as difficulty reaching the company with inside people who don’t even live in the territory, or are unresponsive, unprofessional staff, technicians, or lack of communication about treatment plans and results.
  • find the service too expensive relative to the results and the TIME you are spending on the property, especially if they can find cheaper alternatives or if they are on a tight budget.
  • are concerned about the materials used in treatments. This could be because of health concerns for themselves, their family members, or pets, or environmental concerns about the impact of the applications on their property. This is the fault of the lack of education from you to the client. By the way did you notice how I used product, material, and application instead of the “Chemical” or “Spray” words. 
  • find the company's scheduling options too rigid or if they encounter difficulties rescheduling appointments. Flexibility in scheduling is often essential for clients with busy lifestyles or unpredictable schedules. Be careful with anytime services as almost everyone is being recorded. 
  • are relocating to a new area where you do not operate, or if they are moving into a pest-free environment where they no longer require pest control services.

Addressing these concerns through effective communication, training, quality service, and flexibility can help you retain clients and reduce cancellation rates. While cancellations are a normal part of business, make sure you have your fingers on the pulse of this part of your business.

Great Luck,

Patrick Quigley

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