Bid Adieu to Bidding for Jobs

Editor's note: This article originally appeared in the June 2023 print issue of PCT under the headline "How to Kill a Sales Opportunity." Over the years in my career, there is one word that has always made me crazy. Why do we use it, and where did it come from? There isn’t a new client’s […]

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Why Won’t They Take the Job?

By now, it is clear to a lot of business owners that a new reality has set in. The tough labor market has not cleared up and isn’t likely to in the near term. If you’re a Pest Management Professional (PMP) owner, you likely need people now more than ever before. But where are the […]

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Listen to Pat on the PMP Industry Insiders Podcast

Pat appeared on the PMP Industry Insiders Podcast to discuss hiring, training, and motivating great PMP salespeople. Click the link above to download the podcast!

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Recruiting Great Sales Representatives

No matter how much work you put into your business, it can all be undone by a lack of talented employees who can work your systems. With the tightest labor market in our lives, I have more clients than ever before asking me how they can beat their competitors and win over the best sales […]

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The Key to Upselling or Cross-Selling Pest Management Services

I have recently been asked to make a presentation to technicians in a few companies about upselling or cross-selling services. This subject matter is near and dear to many owners and sales managers, especially when the season starts off slow, and you have a diverse service line. The one common thread in these meetings  is […]

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Focus On Your Strengths, Not The Competition and Their Pricing

You must be able to compete in your industry and in your market with competitors whose prices are sometimes 20 percent to 25 percent less then yours. Accept it — there will always be  salespersons and organizations that can and will propose to do any service or provide any product for less than what you […]

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The Right Mindset will Reel in the Sales

I’ve been fishing for the past 13 years with my three boys, and we enjoy the thrill of the catch. When they were little, we went for small sunfish. We graduated to larger sunfish and then to crappie, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, pike — and then this past year we went out and caught seven […]

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Selling the ‘Sizzle’

When asking for a room upgrade at a recent hotel stay, I was informed that my room would be the Presidential Penthouse Suite up on the top floor. “Great,” I replied. I found out the desk clerk was obviously kidding when it became apparent the hotel only had three floors. After arriving in the room […]

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