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Arrow Pest Control

“As a result of working with Patrick, we have set (our salesman) Robert’s sales goal for 2020 at over $500,000. Today is August 30th, 2020 and Robert is at 99% of his quota for the year all while the weather in The Northeast has been extremely unkind to us and doing this during the Covid-19 Pandemic.”
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Case Studies

"Our close rates have increased 6-7%, which equates to tens of thousands of dollars of incremental value and we attribute this to Patrick’s help...Patrick knows what he is talking about. Just wish we would have found Patrick earlier."

Learn how I built a sales system that helped
Blue Sky Pest Control reach the next level.

My Core Sales Training Programs


Reach out to me directly for one-on-one training phone, and/email. Great for teams that need solutions to specific problems.


Get the big picture focus you deserve with one of my 5 Retainer Solution Plans. I’ll supercharge your sales team to save you time and money.

Value Plus

Sales and marketing support for your customers and/or employees in the field or classroom. Perfect for setting team-wide standards and goals.

Next-Level Coaching

Whether you’re looking to go from a $2 million company, to $5 million, or $10 million or more, the Next Level Coaching program is for serious owners ready to make change happen and maximize success starting now.
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Frustrated by Mediocre Results?

My proven sales programs work across industries to help businesses of any size grow. No matter your problem, I go beyond cookie-cutter analysis to help you solve it.

  • Residential Sales
  • Commercial Sales
  • Call Center Setup/Training
  • Contract Review
  • Sales Systems & Manuals
  • CRM Audits
  • Service Offering Overhauls
  • Field Training
  • Sales Manager Coaching
  • Technician Sales
and more...
Sales success through Sales Training by Design

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A message from Patrick to Pest Control Professionals everywhere

"If you want growth in sales — it’s Patrick!!!"


Tom Algeo

Regional Sales Manager, Residex

"If you want sales training — it’s Patrick! If you want strategic planning & coaching — it’s Patrick! If you want growth in sales — it’s Patrick!!!"

Grow the Bottom Line & the Top Line

If you want to avoid sales plateaus, you need to start thinking ahead. The systems you put in place as a $2 million company should help you grow to a $5 million company. Through careful analysis and consulting, I can help you build standard operating procedures that will see you through the next 10 years or more of growth.
Creating more revenue through sales training
Working more efficiently and winning more residential leads

Stop Losing Residential Leads

If you despair over the number of lost leads at the end of every month, I’m here to help. Marketing expenses mean you can’t afford to let residential leads slip through your fingers due to call center or selling technician mistakes. I can help you increase your closing percentages and end marketing waste.

Close More Commercial Deals

You can’t afford to let commercial opportunities go. They’re few and far between, so your commercial sales rep needs training and a system to generate contacts and keep the conversation with them going with a systematic approach. I’ve trained thousands of successful commercial sales rep in my 40 years in the business.
Training to close more commercial sales deals
Working on-one-one to transform salespeople into successful leaders

Become a Killer Sales Manager

Most of my clients didn’t start out running sales teams. In fact, nearly all of them struck out on their own after working as techs for larger companies. If you understand the technical side of your business inside and out, but have no clue how to set up sales incentives or manage reps, you need a coach who knows how to transform your salespeople into successful leaders.

Gain Clarity About Your Business

Over the decades, I’ve seen hundreds of entrepreneurs make just about every mistake in the book. If you need a complete rethink of your standard operating procedures, I can debug your business from top to bottom. You need an experienced outside expert to bring you clarity about your situation.
Gain clarity about your business through Patrick's sales training deep-dive

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